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Acupuncture, cupping, scraping ( Guasha), physiotherapy (Tuina), subtle energy manipulation (Neigongjiliao), and herbal medicine are all methods that are used in treatment . We can use these modalities, either individually or in combination . What ties them together is Chinese medical theory. This type of medicine is centered around the individual and getting to the root of the problem.The integration of these methods creates a multiple facet approach towards treatment. It allows for the complexity of an individual to be considered.

A personalized approach


Acupuncture uses very thin and solid stainless steel needles. Each needle is sterile, and for single use only. The needle creates a bodily response. The selection of the location, the type of needle stimulation, and type of needle is based on the individual’s condition.

Listen to Rachel Waldman, L.Ac. from, Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Disease Center. She answers frequently asked questions regarding the treatment, conditions and basic theories about acupuncture . 


Herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine uses a variety of substances in various combinations to address conditions an individual presents. This is based on the signs and symptoms the patient reports and displays. Many of these herbal formulations have been used successfully for thousands of years.

Dr. Daniel Shu from AcuHealth in New York City, is a guest on the Rachael Ray show. He briefly describes Chinese herbal medicine in terms of the various ways it is dispensed, combined, and consumed. Many of these herbs can be found in your kitchen. 



Cupping is a method of using suction to lift the layers of tissue. It is applied to the skin and helps relieve congestion of blood or fluids at deeper areas of the body.

Watch Dr. Ong Fang Ying from Raffles Medical Group, as she demonstrates and explains cupping procedures and theory. She also describes its use for various ailments. 


Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is a form of choreographed movements that are derived from martial arts and meditation. These movements take advantage of the body’s ability to fold, unfold and rotate as a unified whole. The movements are performed in a slow, relaxed and mindful manner. 

Qi Gong is a name that categorizes thousands of exercises, that can range from seated and quiet meditation to vigorous physical activity. They can include repetitive motion, vocalization, visualization, stretching, shaking, self massage and other methods.

Follow along Barry Brownstein, Tai Chi instructor, as he leads you through a simple exercise of feeling the sensation of Qi, as it flows through your hands. He relates it to your overall health and the practice of acupuncture.

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